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Immediate 3rd Line Support for both NEC & Zeacom

Most telephone support companies sell a variety of systems and use a “cookie cut” support contract for all customers on all systems in all sizes.


This approach is far from perfect.


People who own and operate NEC 2000 IPS telephone systems are big enough to deal with the 'little issues' by themselves. Small businesses with small telephone systems often cannot afford dedicated IT and telephony support staff - they rely on their System Maintainer to solve a lot of the day to day issues. This hogs support resources and has an impact on all the other supported customers.


Most NEC 2000 IPS customers ring infrequently - but when they do they need immediate assistance.


ProAction Networks only work with a select few, slightly larger companies - which tend to own NEC 2000 IPS and Zeacom systems and need a support company which really knows it's stuff - the second the phone rings!

The NEC IPS owner only tends to ring when it’s very very important! For this reason, we don’t employ a call centre - our customers tend to need third line support the first time they call!