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The Right Support Contract For You

ProAction Networks offer 2 types of NEC & Zeacom support contract.

Our 'traditional' contract is similar to that of most telephone companies. It is based on 12% of the original cost of the hardware. This contract is sold in 6-month segments with no minimum term to limit your exposure and assure you, the customer that we are serious about keeping you happy. If we do not perform, you do not have to remain a customer!

NEC and Zeacom Maintenance

Within that 12% annual cost, you get a full warranty on all audited equipment. Should you experience a malfunction or some equipment fails, we will deliver, replace and reprogram - free of charge. We carry all equipment in stock and available immediately.


Alongside the warranty, we provide 24 hour, 365 day-a-year support. Your account manager is your engineer and you will have constant direct access to him or her via email, mobile and support desk.


Alternatively, we offer a ‘Per Seat’ maintenance contract.


Many NEC 2000 IPS and Zeacom owners invested heavily in their systems many years ago, and in many cases their staff and premises have changed along the way. We do not insist you pay to maintain the 50% of a system which is not in use! You may have a system that is architectually over-powered but is still worth utilising and maintaining. For this reason, we offer this ‘per-seat maintenance contact.


You get to choose which contract is right for you - which may simply be whichever is cheapest!