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NEC 2000 IPS and Zeacom Support and Maintenance


ProAction Networks is the United Kingdom's leading support vendor for the NEC 2000 IPS, Univerge SV8100 and SV9100, Univerge SV8300 and 9300, and Univerge SV8500 and 9500 business telephone systems. This includes the NEC IPS DM branch telephone system, NEC's Netlink, IP Trunking and CCIS mesh networking and the accompanying Zeacom Communications Centre application server. Based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and supporting, maintaining and serving 2000 IPS, SV8100, SV9100, SV8300, SV9300, SV8500 and SV9500 owners, administrators and users worldwide, ProAction Networks provide both ad-hoc support services and 24 hour, 365-day contractual support, warranty and maintenance. ProAction Networks, as a Cisco Certified Organisation with over a decade hands-on experience with the NEC NEAX and Univerge solutions and we can also perform complete rebuild, restore and clean installation services for the NEC NEAX and Univerge solutions and Zeacom Server.


Premium Support, Warranty and Structured Business Continuity for You and Your NEC

Despite it's age, ProAction Networks firmly believe the NEC 2000 IPS - latterly the NEAX 7400 IVS remains one of the most stable and efficient business telephony solutions available to medium-sized organisations and businesses today. ProAction Networks can optimise your NEC and Zeacom installation to ensure it performs 100% of the time. ProAction Networks are fully certified as an NEC Partner, Cisco Select Partner and Microsoft Partner and can apply a wide range of experience in IT support and Project Management to any given task.

Recently, ProAction Networks have installed and supported the newer NEC SV8100 Business Telephone System, with it's new range of DT-series handsets, application software and Zeacom UCC Package.

In the last decade, ProAction have helped a wide variety of people, businesses and organisations optimise and streamline their NEC 2000 IPS telephone system and Zeacom Server, bringing reductions in downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve performance. Our long relationship with the NEC 2000 IPS has enabled us to optimise it’s Zeacom call centre, auto attendant, IVR, Voice Over IP (VoIP), Unified Messaging, Voicemail and CTI functionality for a wide variety of customers including those in the UK, USA, Australia and the Far East.


ProAction Networks have a range of referees and case studies available online, as well as a free online forum and support portal based here.